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December 22, 2011


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~First Feature ~ because of Wonderful friends~

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 22, 2011, 7:22 PM
:iconlovesqueeplz: I have the most wonderful friends in the world. :iconawwloveplz:I am always reminded of this during the Christmas season :snowing:as they are always so wonderful to me. This year, two of my best friends got me a premium membership on DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!:iconkermityayplz: They are two insanely lovely people and mean more than the world to me, I am completely baffled and surprised out of my mind~ especially last night when I discovered the swanky new asterix next to my name! ;)
I've been planning out my first Feature since last summer :) compiling of my all time favourite art ever, so here goes:

still waiting... by nousernamesavailable .Reita. by nousernamesavailable Have you seen Aladdin? by SasukexNarutorox89 :thumb227171442: :thumb197881498:
An Earthly DemiseDirt in my eyes, dust in my mouth and mud in my veins
Embodiment of Earth. I'm all that remains
Slain by the ignorance of a species gone wrong
I grow weaker as they're growing strong
Valued, claimed and depleted
So sick and fevered, my surface so heated
Greeted by death from afar
Even the reaper can't stand my scars
Tars, oils and minerals refined
Countless syringes stealing what's inside
Dirt in my eyes, dust in my mouth and mud in my veins
Embodiment of Earth. I'm all that remains
Slain by the ignorance of a species gone wrong
I grow weaker as they're growing strong
Broken down as they build it up
The natural balance made so damn corrupt
Eruptions of power are my retaliation
You've doomed yourselves with my mutilation
Utilization of my body to get ahead
I'll see your end long before I'm dead
Burning the skies, clearing them out
I'll destroy them all with famine, sickness and drought
Doubt is something I refuse to do
I am the Earth
I don't need you
Monday morning...... by Betuwefotograaf :thumb270063312: Surprise by Dodos24 Peacock Feathers by pandacoffee 54743433 by aleksandra88 Morningsky in Holland........ by Betuwefotograaf Tawny Owl by izzymc .: Koi carp Pond :. by Frank-Beer Places to go, people to see by Birdseednerd By Any Means Necessary by MissStark lonely song by Alshain4 Let Love In.. by Khomenko Lure Of Voidness by oO-Rein-Oo lonely day by birazhayalciMichael Buble for Hitomii by CelticBotan
On the edge by Alshain467954 by aleksandra88 Beauty relax by designer356 InnocenceInnocence
"Mommy? Daddy?" She called.
Silence. Dead silence was the only response.
The little girl clung tightly to her stuffed animal bringing it closer to her face trying to hide from the destruction around her. Her sun dress once yellow like the bright sun had now been torn, tattered, and darkened.
Slowly she started walking studying the destruction around her. Why did they have to come and destroy everything? More tears strained her eyes. She couldn't find Mommy she couldn't find Daddy. They had told her to hide in the basement. They told her that they loved her. They told her everything was going to be alright. They were then soon gone locking the door behind their daughter.
She had heard noises, horrible noises, sounds that should have never sounded near an innocent child. She tried covering her ears from the gunfire the shouts the bangs, everything, but they still penetrated her mind. Tightly she hugged her teddy bear her mother had given her for her seventh birthday as the soun
Silent Prayer for Japan by Phatpuppyart-Studios Running Wild by Betuwefotograaf sky is burning by birazhayalciAudrey Hepburn 145 graphite by Ethan-Carl
KHR: Tsuna in Hyper mode by SasukexNarutorox89 :thumb194245826: UnsaidI don't want to reach the end, not yet
Got too much left to go unsaid
And I can feel time passing, ticking by
Can't slow it down, can't even try
So I'm saying what I have to now
I can't leave it all inside
No better time than now
Won't let the chances pass me by
Laws and charges rule the World
But we're all skipping the worst crime
Ignoring the unspoken words
Because we just don't have the time
The finish line is too close
And I've got too much left to say
Might not be perfectly composed
But I'm saying it today
Spilling words like cups of coffee
Bursting verses from the seams
Shedding feelings hopefully
Mouth's moving too fast to see
So don't turn your head to run away
Not ready for the truths I'll lay
Might only have one chance to say these words
And to go unsaid would be worse
Passed up chances times before
Can't let that happen twice
So I'm standing, taking to the floor
Might just get one chance in life
Laws and charges rule the World
But we're all skipping the worst crime
Mr Salvador Dali by Dodos24 Allegiance To The Throne by Patrick2011 Xayallar by aydan-kerimli Red Romance by Ophelia-OverdoseHot by BananaspoonFlorescence by Ophelia-Overdose:thumb255837300:
Lalita by Dodos24 It's That Time of Year by Phatpuppyart-Studios Last step by Alshain4 Love Is A Little Higher by oO-Rein-Oo .:Black Horse:. by WhiteSpiritWolf Childhood Dream by theSong

Hope that wasn't too insanely long- I tried to condense it.. :S I'm so happy I adore each and every one of those deviations so much and am so grateful to :iconnousernamesavailable: and :iconsasukexnarutorox89: for their tireless love and kindness~ Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have wonderful friends and family members to share this magical time of the year with. :heart::iconasnowmanplz:

Bug contest entry by DroneguardPenguin Rider by CookiemagiKSpecial Stamp by Kezzi-Rose:thumb132521633:
Support kindness stamp by VisAnastasisHorse by SuhancMichael Buble by madeofneon

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!:giggle: hugs and kisses? :lol:
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Thats a beautiful feature dear, congrats to the premium, enjoy it!
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Thank-you! :heart: and yes, I definately will :heart:
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Lalita17 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011
:happybounce::boogie::dance::iconiluplz: you're immensely welcome bien-aimé Your art deserves it and better:pat::penguin: :iconpenguindanceplz:
Thank-you so much lovey! I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday too!:iconspreadmoreloveplz::iconasnowmanplz::iconrudolfplz: :huggle::iconlovelaplz:
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